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Monika Wilk October 24, 2014 Response Magic / Response Magic - Tutorials & FAQs

Response Magic auto responder emails go out each night from our servers, and we sometimes refer to these as "nightlies".  They are sent to your prospects based on the day and time of the previous action or email to that prospect and the "days" you have specified. They are sent each night starting at 11pm EST ( the process usually takes until 2-3am).  The days are based on a 24 hour period that ends each night at 11pm Est.

If you set your email to 0 days, this means "next send period" to our system.  So, if your contact Bob fills out your form at 9pm EST, he will get your 1st sequenced nightly email that night if you have specified a 0 in the days column.  If he fills out the form at 2am est, he would not get that email until the next send cycle. ( so next night)

Our system reads a 1 in the days column as stating "wait 24 hours before sending this email"( it skips the 24hrs).  If bob fills out the form at 9pm est, and your message is set to 1, it won't send to bob that night.  It will wait/skip 1 send cycle and send to bob the next night/send cycle.

The email days/timing is always read as "days to skip from previous email".  So if you had a sequence that was:

Email 1- 0 days
Email 2-0 days
Email 3 - 1 days

Email 4 - 2 days

Bob would get email 1 the night he signs up…(night 1) 

email 2 Would go out the following night (night 2)

email 3 would skip 1 night and go out on (night 4)

Email 4 would skip 2 nights and go out (night 7)






Monika Wilk April 30, 2014 Home Office Pro / Login, Account and Payment Assistance

If you receive the message "Invalid Username / Password"  please make sure you are typing your password and username correctly, and please be aware that it is Case Sensitive.  If you are unsure of your correct username or password, please click the Forgot Password link located below the sign in box.

If you are not seeing your temporary password in your email account please make sure to check all folders like junk/spam as it may got filtered.

If you still have issues logging in after password reset please submit at ticket here and we will help to make sure you get access. 

Ryan Hache April 29, 2013 1 Home Office Pro / HomeOfficePro 2.0 - Tutorials & FAQs

Many new users try to test their website with the email address they first sign up with and they get the a shocking result and find the contact is not added properly to their contact manager and it even shows a different distributors website.
(don't panic)

This is because the email address is already in the database. We make sure the initial referring website gets the contact and the prospect is shown the initial referrers website. This is in place to protect your referrals from "enroller shopping". It's a measure we put in place to protect our users and to make sure the person who referred that prospect remains with the right person and there is never a time where the same prospect is being called by two people in the same business.

When you test your website you need to make sure you use a email address that is not already used in the system.

We recommend for a quick test.. This service allows you to pick any email address and check's website shortly after to view the messages that gets delivered to the contact.

If you would like to test all the emails in the sequence we recommend setting up a Gmail account at as you will get all the emails from the autoresponder sequence with this type of test.


Monika Wilk April 9, 2013 Home Office Pro / Features and Tools

Learn how to import contacts into Home Office Pro

Step 1: You need a of contacts in CSV format (comma separated values) microsoft excel is the most common way to open an CSV file or save a list to a CSV file.
How to export your contacts from gmail to a csv file (so that you can import them into your homeofficepro account)
How to export your contacts from outlook to a csv file (so that you can import them into your homeofficepro account)
How to export your facebook contacts

Step 2: Once you have the CSV file now you just need to import it into your homeofficepro account by clicking on Contact icon then Import Contacts and follow the import wizard.

*Note: the Import Contacts feature is not available in all versions of Home Office Pro. 

Monika Wilk April 8, 2013 Home Office Pro / HomeOfficePro 2.0 - Tutorials & FAQs

when adding yourself make sure you use brand new email address as HomeOfficePro software doesn't allow you to add duplicate email addresses to the system.

You can visit to get a free test email address and then add that to your contacts :-).
or you can use a service like if you only plan on using that email address for testing.

If you added a legitimate contact that did not show up, try the search feature to make sure you didn't place them under a status you don't normally view.