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    Alicia Motes

    This feature is horrible!!!  What is the point of email marketing if we can't reach all of the people that have subscribed to our lists?????  Of course people will not open many of the emails that we send; they are too busy to bother with emails most of the time unless it is someone they personally know.  But, it may be that 20th email that would have grabbed their attention and prompted them to open.  Now because of this 'list cleaning' feature which I didn't agree to when I originally upgraded my account.... I'm going to lose access to a large percentage of my list.  

    This feature should not be forced down our throat... it should be the optional checkbox that it was prior to this upgrade.  This feels like highway robbery of the hard work that myself and other small business owners/marketers are doing!!!

    I am sooo very unhappy with you guys right now!!  :-(

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    Onlinedreamjob Regec

    I am not happy with this feature!  I have received calls in the past of people who just noticed several of my emails in their spam.  Now with this new feature, you will make the decision that these people will no longer receive my emails.  We should have control over this decision.  Not you!



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    Ryan Hache

    @Onlinedremjob, With list cleaning turned on, your email delivery can increase by double. 

    Having leads finding your email in the spam folder is exactly why you want to be on list cleaning. 

    This same scenario where list cleaning is on you would have cleaned your list, improving your email open rates and the rate at which your emails find the spam folder, thus this person would never be list cleaned in the first place because they would have received your emails in their inbox. 

    This is a risk reward decision that is in your best interest. 

    Scenario 1: list cleaning on
    Say you have 1,000 subscribers.
    You email them 7 emails over two weeks. 
    100 of them don't open any of your emails over two weeks. 
    Your active list is now 900 but sending from a server that in only allowed to send to people who have opened in the past and has a high reputation. This results in more than double the open rates.

    Now you send out a broadcast to 900 lets say your list of 900 gets 25% open rate: 
    1,000 x .25
    225 people opening your broadcast

    Scenario 2: list cleaning off
    you have 1,000 subscribers.
    You email them 7 emails over two weeks. 
    100 of them don't open any of your emails over two weeks. 
    Your list remains 1,000 because nothing is cleaned, but sending from a server that is allowed to send emails to people who have not opened any emails ( email open rates are cut in half due to reputation )

    Now you send out your broadcast to the whole 1000 you get a 12.5% open rate from your list 
    1,000 x .125
    125 people opening your broadcast

    So as you can see by sending to those extra 100 people you drastically decrease your overall results. 

    Could there be a some people in that 100 that would eventually open your email? Yes. 

    but is getting an email to maybe 5 people out of the 100 that didn't open worth missing out on 100 that are engaged?

    We have run this test on a real account which is why all our company email accounts run list cleaning.

    With that said, if you still want your list cleaning off you can contact support by filling out a ticket and we will set your account back to list cleaning off. 

    It is your choice if you feel like there is a strong argument for why one might not leave list cleaning on I would love to have an example. 

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    Ryan Hache

    Remember if a prospect opens just one email they will never be cleaned.

    So how do we optimize your campaign to get opens while they iron is hot?

    Here are a few tips:

    1. Try to get your prospect to confirm their opt in.
    ( this will put these individual prospects on an even cleaner group of servers that gets over 30% open rates)
    Pro tip: Get them to click this link to receive your offer on opt-in 
    or give them a good reason to click that link. 

    *Most email marketing system require confirm opt-in before you can even email the prospect.

    2. If possible, Include more chances to click in your emails in the first 7 emails
    Including links in your emails forces the mail to be marked open and removes the prospect from ever being cleaned. 

    3. Make sure most of your emails have a spam score of 0 before sending
    Getting the email to the inbox will increase the number of people who open your emails.

    4. Create a catch subject line that creates curiosity 

    Curiosity may have killed the cat but it saves your prospect from ever getting cleaned.
    Create curiosity in your subject line and get them to open and click early to reduce the number of prospects cleaned. 

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    Ryan Hache

    @alisa motes "This feature is horrible!!!  What is the point of email marketing if we can't reach all of the people that have subscribed to our lists?????"

    The fact is that as a sender you don't control the right to reach everyone on your list and neither do we.

    The owner of that email account does.
    In turn that owner choses an email provider helps them control what they receive or filter to spam.

    Email providers like google are competing to provide the best experience for their users which means filtering email they think is spam.

    Its our choice to decide if we want to comply with their rules and be seen as a reputable sender, thus getting the privilege to send email to them.

    By making this move to clean email addresses that have never opened an single email from you we are helping you comply with the standards put forth by those in ultimate control, the email providers.

    We can continue to let you email accounts that have never opened but that has been proven to hurt your chances at getting your engaged users to open the emails.

    Looking at the example I gave above, the choice is simple:
    Would you rather send 1,000 emails and get 125 opens or Send 900 emails and get 225 opens?

    if you would still rather send more email and get less people opening your emails you can request to have a support turn off list cleaning for you. 



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    So I am just now learning that I have been paying you guys for several years for what I thought was a list of over 6,000 subscribers only to find out that my emails are only going out to 1,000!!!  WTF???  This is a rip-off!  If you have "cleaned" them from my list then why haven't you lowered my rate accordingly?  I have been paying for the ability to email to 6,000+.  The price for a 1,000 list is much less but you guys raised the fee based on 6,000 subscribers.  I am so unhappy with you guys right now!!  You have been over charging me for years.  This is very unethical business.  Very disappointed. 

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