Problem with the sort order of the contacts in the call or browse section




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    Ryan Hache

    In order to give the best possible solution to this problem we will be making some changes to the browse section that include the ability to sort your contacts by multiple different sorting options including sorting them in the reverse order of who came in last like home office pro 1.

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    Ryan Hache

    The other main question is why is there not next previous buttons on the call contacts page..

    the answer to that is that this is a live timezone specific feature that is time sensitive and changes what gets pulled in based on the current time and who is best to call at that time.

    if you disagree with the people that are showing on the list simply perform an action on each of the 10 showing and it will give you 10 more.
    or if you only disagree with some perform an action on them and go to the next contact.

    when you get to the end of the list it will refresh and give you 10 more.

    because it is a real time query that depends on the curent time next previous buttons do not make sense.

    if you would like to browse your contacts however click on the browse contacts tab where you are given the option to list them and use next previous buttons.


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    Ryan Hache

    Also to add to this we will be merging the call contacts page with the browse contacts page giving you the functionality from the browse page on the call contacts page including next previous buttons.

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