I tested my website and the contact didn't go to my website or show up in my contact manager?



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    Kimberly Loraine Pittard

    Hi!  I did this, but I was not testing my website so much as trying to add a contact.  I already entered this person as a contact, but then I saw from one my directors that I could also enter a contact through my website (www.team2succeed.com/lorip22).  I did that with my new enrollee, and now she is not on my contact list.  When I tried to "quick add" again, it says she is a prospect on another webiste.  I called her directly from a brokered lead list; she did not actually go to my website.  I enrolled her, and she is on my team.  Now that she is not on my contact list, I can't activate her.  What do I do?

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