My emails are not going out, getting delivered or going to spam or junk folder. Why?




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    Ryan Hache
    We pushed an email sending update today to fix a problem many of our yahoo users have.
    Problem: Sending email using an Free email address like yahoo causes the email to be blocked.
    Solution: Send the email using an email alias on the sending server domain. like: with a reply-to address of their 
    Today we pushed this live across to HomeOfficePro Instant Email Sending Process for all instant emails to assure better deliverability across all systems.
    We will be pushing another update in a few days that will allow other sending email addresses to be sent as the from email address if they are not at risk for this problem.
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    Ryan Hache

    We are happy to announce dynamic sender mailing. 

    Now in response magic depending on if you are using (yahoo, gmail, hotmail) or a custom domain name your emails will be sent in different ways to achieve the highest level of email delivery. this happens automatically so you no longer have to worry about using free email addresses. 

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