Desktop Notifier connection issues with Windows Vista, 7 and 8




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    Ryan Hache

    The following steps should allow the notifier to work on Windows Vista if you have UAC activated on Windows Vista (it's on by default).

    - click the windows start button

    - click on computer

    - navigate to the folder you installed the notifier in (default is: C:\Program Files\CRMNotifier)

    - right click the file CRMNotifier.exe and go to properties and select the compatibility tab

    - at the very bottom, check the box that says "run as administrator"

    - click apply and then close the window

    - restart the application and it will prompt you if you want to allow it

    - select yes

    That should fix the issue in Windows Vista.

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    This is a fix for Windows Vista users only.  If you are a windows Vista user and are unable  to locate the Compatibility tab within Windows Vista, please contact Windows Vista support for assistance in setting up your UAC and the Defender program that come with Vista. 

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    Ryan Hache

    Window 7 issue


    There is also a problem with windows 7 where when you open the application but then you can't login.


    This issue can be solved by going to the start menu.


    searching for 


    -program compatibility


    then click on
    -run programs created for earleir versions of windows.


    -make sure to control alt delete, then run the task manager. click the processes tab and kill any processes that are running "CRMNotifier"
    -then run the wizard.

    the end result should be

    Settings applied:
    Windows compatibility mode: Windows Vista
    User Account Control: Run as administrator

    this should work.


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    Cool beans!  Thanks! I'm in business.

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    I am prompted to enet a domain name, but don't know what to enter,

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    Jay Allyson

    Your CRMNotifier may appear in your Downloads folder (under C:/Users/yourname/ on your desktop) and may be pointing at Adobe Reader or another Adobe program. You need to select "Open with ..." and choose the Adobe Air program you downloaded in step 1.

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    Justin Hill

    This is not installing on a Windows 8 platform.

    Ran installer, didnt work, tried running as admin, didn't work, tried multiple domain combos  still nothing.   Checked if it was blocked and it isn't blocked. 


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