How do you delete names from contact list?




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    Where is the answer to this question?

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    Leah McCormack

    I am also waiting for an answer to this question.

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    russ mclean

    would be nice of someone would tell us how to do it

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    russ mclean

    found it 

    -click on contact name

    -in grey box on right bottom click on "do more"

    -click delete

    Hope this helps

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    Shirley Skinner

    I have not upgraded to the $16.95 version, I don't see a grey box in the other version.

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    Yolanda Sutherland

    Ditto. I can't correct contact info!

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    Joanne Perea

    I called Platinum Synergy and they can't remove it with the basic plan, nor can we. Disappointing!

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