My Facebook Reveal Tab is Not Showing the Right Customer Magnet or Video on My Facebook Page




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    Korina Felhauer

    Neither one these options have helped me out ;0(  The video will not show on my tab...The individual capture pages are working...but in the Facebook app everything shows but the video??  I've sent a ticket...but when I check to view the ticket...its not showing as I submitted..Could somebody please help me with this?  Thank you in advance

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    Betsy Bell

    Ryan, I had created a dozen magnets and was never successful in getting them up and running, so I went in and deleted all of them except the new one created tonight.  I still get the message 

    All of the Facebook Pages that you are an admin of have already had this App Tab installed.

    Further more, I do not see "tab is" in the code.  Lots of other id, but not "tab"  Please help with this as I would like to get a magnet going.  Betsy Bell

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